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7 stages

04 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | 9 comments
7 stages

There is a certain pattern to what you are experiencing – or will be experiencing over the coming months and years – My sweet blog-reader.

you might be on any of a few different steps to submission – but the steps are the same for all, and when you have taken the first step, you will sooner or later take the next until you are at My feet where you belong.

Psychologists talk about the 7 stages of grief: Shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, acceptance and engaging life again.

In much the same way there are 7 different stages you go through until you engage your life as My property. This is not a choice. It’s just the way things go.

you know that you have always felt this longing deep inside for someone superior to take control. you might have fantasized and pictured yourself bound and naked or imagined that you were working for a demanding female boss.
Then one day you stumble upon erotic hypnosis and My site and it strikes a chord. you need to find out more…. you take the first step. If you are bold you might buy one of My MP3’s – or even call Me on Niteflirt. Or you might just send Me an email – saying that you are curious, asking how this works. Then checking your email account ten times an hour until I answer.

This is exciting. you feel like a little boy again – a boy peeking into the older girls locker room with red cheeks. you find yourself drawn to me. Checking My site many times every day – impatiently waiting at the computer hoping for a message from Me to pop up on Messenger. you listen to My MP3’s over and over – and one day make Your first small tribute with beating heart and shaking hands as you enter the credit card number.

Interacting with Me makes you tremble. you think about Me constantly – get insanely aroused with bad timing when My voice enters your head at a boring meeting. you stumble through life – forgetting things, feeling sick and wonderful at the same time. Masturbate naked on your knees while chanting My name and almost pass out when the most explosive orgasm of your life hits you. you feel that everything you thought you knew about yourself is a lie. you are losing control rapidly.

At some point you realize that this is not a game. It dawns on you that you get more aroused pleasing Me than from anything else in your life – ever. It’s exciting but it’s also very scary because you don’t know just how deep the rabbit hole is. you are falling for Me rapidly. And just as you are losing control the last defense mechanisms set in. At this point you will do something childish to try to “escape”.

you might send Me angry mails. you might delete your accounts on Yahoo and Niteflirt. you may tell Me that you never want to have anything to do with Me. you may delete the recordings you bought.

This phase can last for anything from a few hours up to many months. But it always ends the same. For a submissive the thought of surrendering – especially after you have done your best to escape – is just too sexy not to act on. And the idea gets sexier and sexier every time you think about it.

And even though you deleted My recordings you cannot undo the changes they made to you. you cannot get My voice out of your head. you cannot help but chant “Nicole, Nicole, Nicole” when you masturbate.

So one day it gets too much for you – and you compose the sweetest apology that you can come up with. Usually at this point you will want to try to eliminate the possibility of another escape – you are ready to help Me reach the very deepest parts of your being and mold you into the loving, caring, loyal slave I want you to be.

From here things develop slowly. We don’t want you to panic and run away like a scared child again. you help Me condition you. you listen to My MP3’s over and over. I put you on a schedule and have you tribute Me regularly. you have accepted your fate and you embrace it.

Freeing you from your inhibitions takes time and effort from both of Us/us. I train you, and you work hard to kill your ego. Little by little, day by day you are transformed. you are passed worrying about escaping. Why would you want to escape. On the contrary you are striving passionately to become a slave.

you no longer know, where your ego stops and Mine begins. My will is your will. My desires are your desires.

you are finally free.

  • Nick

    Wow, Princess Nicole, this description of the process is amazingly accurate.  Reliving the whole process again by reading through your description here was amazing. I relived the past few years in the 10 minutes it took me to read it. It was exciting, horrifying, calming, relieving, comforting and finally safe.  Thank you for this write up.

    • Nicole

      I am so glad you liked it nick.

      • Nick

        It’s funny how much a i wanted to fight the process when in the middle of it as compared to how easy it all is once i just accepted Your dominance. It’s really no big deal.  Other than the need to work through the process itself, it isn’t some cataclysmic event.  Rather, it is natural, right, and appropriate.  Sort of like a caterpillar going through its metamorphosis.  It is all good. All natural. And all as it should be.  Once i came out the other end, it was just so obvious that You, Princess Nicole should rightly be my Mistress and that i should freely enslave myself to You. It’s not so much that You enslave us as much as it is we willingly and freely enslave ourselves to Your superiority.

        Any guy considering going through the process should know that it is all good. i haven’t lost my job or my family. i still have my regular routine and the things i enjoy. It’s just now i have greater purpose and meaning in my life….so much more to work for and to look forward to.  i actually find myself more motivated at work and in other pursuits because i know these are things that will allow me to better serve You.  i had no idea when i started the process that being a true subservient to a benevolent Mistress would be so wonderful and meaningful.  And speaking as a real alpha-male type, i have to say, it is so obvious to me now that this is how it is supposed to be. i think the universe, or at least my universe, is so much more well ordered now than it was before i was in your service and enslavement.

        Thank You so much Princess Nicole for all the awesome feelings you set loose inside of me.  It is a real rush and a great privilege to be your love slave.

        – Nick

        • Nicole

          Such a good boy nick

  • jeffrey

    This is amazing, it’s exactly what I’ve gone through. You understand my mind so well, and you’ve never met me. You understand this so well, me, so well, and you are so sexy and talented…

    • Nicole

      I do understand jeffrey more than you will ever know.

  • Joe

    That was one of the best things I’ve ever read. If that doesn’t get stage one jumpstarted, nothing will. I have a love fetish, and I may have just found what I’ve spent years looking for.

  • Davidsleszynski

    Was a therapist in my previous career and am aware of an individuals need to have a purpose if even self distructive. Find it fascinating that I am toying with and indulging in this as so many men do. Maybe I see a challenge to see if I can control how far it goes. Already intrigued. Will I enter the confused phase? You certainly seem to have a powerful grasp on the inner workings of a mind like mine.

  • Davidsleszynski

    Alright, I entered the next phase but no further