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About Me

My name is Nicole. I am the sweet girl next door and I am a certified hypnotist. This is a combination you cannot resist. I will hypnotize you and own you completely. My voice is irresistible. If you don’t believe me, read over my site and look at the tributes and comments my followers leave for me. Or listen to my recordings before you call.

Click the button below to listen to or download a sample session, where I relax you with my irresistible voice.

Click here to sample my voice

If you like the free sample you can always send me a Tribute. I am sure you will need to call me soon…

About hypnosis

Hypnosis is not magic. It’s a very natural process, during which I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. While your body will be deeply relaxed, your mind will be clear and focused. After a hypnosis session you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You won’t do something in hypnosis that is against your beliefs or will. But hypnosis is a wonderful tool to let go of your inhibitions and explore your erotic desires in save environment. Everyone can be hypnotized, although everyone experiences trance in a different way.

My qualifications

I am already a certified hypnotist. But I am going to school to become a certified hypnotherapist. I have hypnotized hundreds of callers on niteflirt and my studies in psychology and hypnosis give me the power to get what I want.

But there’s even more. Some things you cannot learn in school. Even though I am only 27 years old, I have been on Niteflirt for some time and hundreds of calls. You will find that it is just soo wonderful to speak to someone who understands your desires in the way I do. You won’t find this wisdom and experience in a young girl next door anywhere else.

So I am the girl of your dreams, alluring you into trance with my beautiful eyes and my sweet sexy voice! You can support my efforts to improve my qualification by contributing to my tuition fees:

Click here to help pay my tuition!

Erotic hypnosis

There are different definitions of erotic hypnosis, but in the hypnofetish community there is some consent, that erotic hypnosis is a more general description of all hypnosis related to erotic experiences. While D/s hypnosis is about dominance and submission.

The experience you will have with me is not about the theory of the hypnofetish, so we just talk about your desires before the session. And for me, well believe me, I know what I want and I will get it. *wicked smile*

The hypnosisfetish

You are not alone! The desire to become hypnotized and seduced by a beautiful woman is a pretty common fetish. I know that your desire to give up control and submit to a superior goddess sometimes is sooo strong.

Relax! Now you have found me and all you dreams will come true. It’s so easy just call me.

Financial domination

There is nothing wrong with your desire to give me everything. I understand your need to open your wallet and give me all your hard earned money. Don’t worry, I will take care of you, seduce and hypnotize you, melt away all your resistance until I become your focus, the center of your universe. You will enjoy that so much, and you will treat me as the princess that I am. Don’t resist, just give in to my sweet words.

Love addiction

You will fall in love with me very soon. Immerse yourself in my pictures and call me. That’s all you need to do. And soon I will be your only desire!

My voice will be in your head all the time, and you cannot stop to think of me all day and dream of me when you sleep. You will just love me.