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Happy early Halloween

27 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | 1 comment
Happy early Halloween

Happy early Halloween,

Many out there seem to prefer listening to My MP3’s over talking to Me live, so as I am a kind Princess I have taken this slow week to prepare for My next release with a focus on Halloween, one of My most favorite holidays.

Now this is where I want to hear from you, share your thoughts with Me about what fantasy tickles or maybe frightens you, What is it that crawls up your spine when things go bump in the night, and is that bump the strange delights of the unknown or merely a power and force that you know is beyond you.

For reference I have granted you the fantastical aspects of a Vampire (Submit to the Lust), Ghost (Hypnotically Haunted), Bloody Mary (The Woman in the Mirror), Succubus (Kiss of the Succubus), Siren (Siren’s Call), a Body Snatcher (Pod people), and even the dark Enchantress (The Enchantress) over the last few years.
So this is your chance, let your imaginations run wild My pets and if your idea is chosen I will reward you with a free MP3 of the tale. So show Me how good you really are and call Me to share.

In advance, Trick or Treat.

  • joe m

    have you considered doing one based on greek mythology? you could be a Goddess. the people have sought a hero to bring down the tyranny of the Gods and this hero will stop at nothing to win this war and so an agreement is struck. The hero passes 3 tests and the people will be free of the rule. The listener is the hero and the first two tests are passed. Now all he has to do is cross the perilous path before him and state that his one wish is for man to have free will. You will meet him along his path and seduce him and make the hero fall for you. So that when he stands before the Gods his one wish will be to remain with you forever. You will whisper to him. Your words and will become his as you seduce his senses, his mind body and soul. He will be so enraptured with you, you will be all that matters to him.