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My Inraptured Interview

27 Jun Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
My Inraptured Interview

Q: Please give us a brief introduction of yourself for those unfamiliar of you.
A: My name is Nicole, I am 28 years old and live in a small town in Kentucky. I moved here 3 years ago so I could be closer to My mother. I am the youngest of 7. I have 5 sisters and 1 brother.
Before moving to Kentucky I lived in Florida, where I was raised by My grandmother. I guess that’s how I came by the Princess mindset.
Hypnosis is more than just a fun way to earn a living (although it is very fun) hypnosis is My passion. I plan on practicing till I have either gotten tired of it of am no longer having fun with it. (I doubt that will ever happen)

Q: I’ve read that you got started in hypnosis in a hypnotherapist office after high school? Can you elaborate on this a bit?
A: A friend of the family was the receptionist/secretary in a hypnotherapist office. She was pregnant and taking a leave of absence to have her baby. She arranged for Me to fill in for her while she was away. While there I would listen to the hypnotherapist doing sessions, and I was fascinated and captivated. Whenever he had a female client he would leave the door ajar so that I could see what was happening and he would explain to the client that it was policy to have another female either in the room or watching from the next room. The hypnotherapist would also do sessions for Me when I would get a migraine. That’s where and when My passion for hypnosis all started.

Q: What was it that gave you interest in using hypnosis not just for it’s obvious therapeutic aspects, but in a more erotic manner?
A:I’ve always enjoyed controlling men with My mind and My body so using hypnosis is the next obvious progression. When I was 22 I worked part-time at a radio station doing a morning public service show. I would always get calls after the show from many different men wanting to date Me. They said My voice was a turn on. So I decided to use My voice to do something I really wanted to do, Control men.

Q: Have you found hypnosis to be useful in enhancing sexual responses and experiences with clients over the phone?
A:Over then phone is more difficult than in person only because you can’t see how the person is responding. Over the last year I have developed a pretty good ear for listening to the subtle signs that the client gives. (Breathing, the way they respond to direct questions, ect..) Hypnosis is very useful no matter how you use it. (Sexual pleasure, Medical, Self-improvement)

Q: Can you take us through the process of a typical session you have with one of your clients? How would one prepare first before talking to you before a session? How is the session itself typically like?
A: I cannot answer this fully only because no two sessions are alike. I try to find out what the person is really into but ultimately it all comes down to turning them into a loving, caring, obedient submissive. The only thing you have to do to prepare for a session with Me is get comfortable, make sure We/we won’t be disturbed then pick up the phone and call Me. I would prefer that you check to make sure you can spend at least 20 minutes with Me to get a full session. The client should also know that there are many times I will not allow them to relieve themselves during the call, its all up to Me in the end.

Q: When one listens to your work, you give off a sense of being very sweet and innocent in your sessions? Do you feel this has aided you in your hypnosis career, and if so how?
A: I do sound very young and very innocent. I believe this is because I have never smoked and I rarely drink. I take care of Myself and I want to be the best Me I can be. The sweetness is coming through because that’s just My personality. I think that by sounding so young and innocent it disarms the listener, and they let go before they realize it. But soon they see I am not as innocent as they thought. I do feel that My voice has played a part in advancing My career in that it is very different than most other hypnotist. Not that one sound is better or worse than another. Diversity is what makes life interesting. I almost hate being called a Hypno-Domme simply because I believe submission is a gift that is given freely and not forced out of the submissive. I see Myself as more of a Princess, but I do call Myself a Soft Domme on My page.

Q: Some hypnotist seems to specialize in certain areas of erotic hypnosis. Some use hypnosis to enhance BDSM sessions. Others Financial domination. Am I correct in the belief that you specialize in nurturing feelings of true love and addiction in your clients?
A: You are very correct I do specialize in this simpley because I do what feels right for Me. Like I told you this is My passion, so I do what makes Me happy. What woman doesnt lovedoesn’tg hordes or men worshiping Her and telling Her how beautiful She is and how much they love and adore Her. Like I said its all about Me.

Q. Do you often use erotic hypnosis to help change your submissive’s to better themselves and their lives? If so, in what way do you feel that this is important?
A: I do want them to better themselves because a happy healthy submissive is going to be around for alot longer. Not to mention part of a submissive’s job is to take care of his Princess. How can he do this if he is not able to take care of himself? I don’t put the entire focus of My sessions on improving themselves but I do want them to be able to take care of Us/us both. So its up to them to decide in what way they use the suggestions that are given.

Q. Is there anyone who you feel has inspired you as a hypnotist through their work?
A: I do not listen to other female hypnotist because I want to reamin very unremainn the way I do sessions. I do not want to try to immatate somebimitate. I really like My style and if I were to start looking around I could fall into the trap of “wow maybe that works better”. Then I would lose who I am. I guess the only one I can give credit to for inspiring Me to become a hypnotist is the hypnotherapist I worked for in Florida. (clap clap cheer cheer thanks Ralph)

Q: What is it that you feel is your best attribute as a female hypnotist? Your voice? Personality? What is it that keeps people wanting to experience your sessions?

A: All of the above, plus I genuinely care about My submissives. If you are going to submit yourself to somebody wouldn’t you like to know that they care?

Q. What are some facts about Princess Nicole that you feel would shock some people if they knew?
A: I am a gamer I love online fantasy roleplay games. I met the man I am dating playing EverQuest. I have also played City of Heros, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchey Online, WarHammer Online and World of Warcraft. In each of these games I played a healing class of some kind. One of My submissives plays World of Warcraft, so he has changed servers and now serves Me in game as well. Gathering things I need helping My mom in game when she plays, whatever I need. After all I am a Princess

Q. Why do you think erotic hypnosis appeals to so many people?
A: So many people have such highly stressful jobs. They feel like the weight of the world is on them. They are the ones that are in charge and the ones that have to make all the hard decisions. Not to mention the responsibility that they have at home. Many clients have families that they are responsibile for. Through erotic hypnosis they can escape all of that even if it is only for 15 minutes or an hour at a time. They don’t have to think or decide or do anything, they can simply submit themselves to another person and escape.

Q: What would you like those who may be interested in your work to know about you before taking that first step?
A: One should know I take what I do very seriously and so should they. I completely give them all of My attention during a session so I expect complete and total respect. I do not tolerate clients that call and after a few minutes hang up. I will not put up with anybody that thinks I am there to serve them. Just because I sound sweet don’t think I will tolerate rude or bossy submissives. I will care for and respect the submissive that knows his place. DO NOT play games with Me! I will not continue with any caller that tries to play another hypnotist and I against each other. I hate it when a submissive feels they can demand their way. Don’t over step any of these boundries and you will see I am one of the kindest and most caring people you will ever talk with.

Q. If you were going to an island for a long time, and could only bring one of your own sessions with you… which one would you pick and why?

A: Wow, this is something I had never even thought about. My sessions are all designed and geared toward submissive males. Since I am neither submissive nor male I don’t have any that would do the trick for Me. I guess I had better get busy and create a new one for Me just incase I end up on that island.

Q: What future plans do you have in store for your fans and submissive’s alike?
A: I feel like I am growing not only as a hypnotist but as a person as well. Those submissives that hang around get to go on this growing journey with Me.