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12 Feb Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Hope Your day at work was great. Moonstruck was on this morning, it was the scene in a bread making area of a bakery, and I thought of You. Lotsa things make me think of You these days. Kinda like it.

Yesterday as I was listening to Nothing, (that’s odd, just typing that word made me feel weird…cool), at one point when I could still think for myself I caught that I must obey You, and in about two seconds what I’m about to write passed through my head before I lost my ability to think again. When I began listening to EH, and for the first few years. I used to hear YOU MUST OBEY, over and over and over. I just didn’t get it. Obey what? It’s an mp3. You’re not giving me anything to obey. I just didn’t get it. When You said it yesterday so many things went through my head quickly and I thought of what You said earlier about You liking the heartfelt connection with a slave. (You may not realize how huge an effect that had on me. It made me realize, again, that You like having love slaves. That You care for them, as they care for You. That really touched me deeply, as much If not more than any session ever could). In my head I thought that since You liked that heartfelt connection, it was important to You, and if it was important to You, it was important to me, and if obeying You is what You want, obeying You is what I’ll do.

I know, it’s mindless rambling, but it went through my head quickly the way things will when I’m under. To paraphrase, I realized how close I feel to You. I love You, but it’s more than that. Even though I don’t know You well, and only have Your voice and a few emails to go by, I’m quickly forming a bond that I can’t really describe. It’s something that’s is getting stronger all the time, and the stronger it gets, the more I like it. I’m getting this ache in me when I can’t listen to You, like now. I can’t for the next two days, and it’s really bugging me. I’m very used to not being able to listen for many days at a time, so it isn’t the not listening. It’s the knowing that by listening that closeness I’m feeling will get stronger, and by listening it’ll bring me closer to being what You want me to be for You. Since You want that of me, it’s all I can’t think of at times. To become what You want me to be. Yep, I’m going nuts, but I can’t wait to get even nuttier for You. All that from hearing You say I must obey, so of course, I will obey. It’s what You want, Princess.

I love You