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My Niteflirt interview

05 Jun Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
My Niteflirt interview

1. How did you begin in the world of adult chat and phone sex?
A: When I lived in Florida I hosted a morning radio show, I would get calls after the show with guys saying how sexy My voice was. I moved to Ky. to be close to family and needed a job so I said why not. I then got Certified in Hypnosis and the rest is history.

2. What is your favorite part of being a phone Mistress or phone Master?
A: I love controling in a sexy sweet soft manner. I find it so super sexy when a man begs and pleads for My attention and affection.

3. What do you do for fun when not taking phone sex and or cam sex calls on NiteFlirt?
A: I love acting, I am part of community theater here in Ky.

4. If you were some sort of erotic sexy food, what would you be?
A: Not sure its exotic but I would be whipped cream! Whipped cream is soft, sweet and yummy just like Me.

5. With all your experience in the world of erotic fantasy and adult chat, what’s your favorite part of sex?
A: I would say its the anticipation of whats to come.

6. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on one of your hot phone sex calls?
A: Back when I first started doing Niteflirt I was on a call just chatting away. The call was about to end so I was getting dressed. I was sitting in My chair on wheels leg crossed tying My shoes. When the chair rolled out from under Me and I hit the hard floor. I had to sit on a donut cushion for almost a month.

7. Is there anything you do to get yourself in the mood for an erotic fantasy phone sex session?
A: Not really because each and every hypno session is very personal between the sub and Myself.

8. Is there any kind of specific fetish sex that you yourself enjoy?
A: Hypnosis all the way!

9. If you only had one day to live what would you do (besides take calls on NiteFlirt)?
A: Spend the time with My family making sure they all know how much they are loved.

10. What erotic fantasy or phone domination would you like enacted on YOU?
A: I am all about romance. As any of My subs can tell you thats the way to My heart.
Wanna get Me all hot and bothered romance Me, show Me love and beg for My attention.