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Review: There Can Be Only One

24 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Review: There Can Be Only One

A sweet slave wrote this review after listening to my newest Mp3. I would like to share his response to My session with you:

“Some of you may find this hard to believe, but we are all slaves. All of us. Slaves. Some of us wake up and spend all of our day slaving away at work. Someone else may decide that watching 100 hours of Alias on the couch is heaven. We all have something in our lives we are enslaved to. Work, TV, etc. Most people just don’t realize that they are slaves.

Submissives however, know the truth. We are slaves and have a NEED to serve. This has been hardwired into our submissive brains. The difference between a submissive and non-submissive is that we subs know who we are enslaved too. If you are blessed enough to be a slave to Princess Nicole, then this new session is practically required training! If you are not a submissive of Princess, this session could very well rectify that quickly.

In this new session, There Can Be Only One, Princess Nicole spins a hypnotic web around your mind that will leave you shaking with ecstasy. I have listened to so many of Princess files that as soon as I hear her speak I am gone. Gone. And this session was no different. What was different was the subject matter. As I stated in the beginning, we all are slaves to something. Spend all your time thinking about money… well, that is your Mistress. Play video games a lot? That is your Mistress.

What Princess Nicole does in this session is help you get your priorities straight. Very lovingly Princess explains that no one else should come before her. Not work, not money, no one and nothing should come before your Mistress. If there is something that is coming in the way of your servitude to her… she literally helps you destroy it. You should only have one Mistress in your life. There can be only one. Once Princess Nicole defeats all the other Mistress’s that may be clouding your world, it’s like a fog is lifted from your eyes. You are now free to focus on growing your servitude with Princess without any distractions. Being able to focus on one Mistress makes the hypnosis so much stronger. So much deeper. So much more effective. That is why this session has made such a strong impact on me. Every time I listen, it helps to reinforce my love for Princess Nicole, and only for Princess Nicole. All other things just… don’t matter anymore. She is my Mistress and all other distractions fall before her hypnotic prowess. There can be only one Mistress who truly rules you. I owe Princess my mind, body and soul and thank her every day for making such a beautiful masterpiece.”