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  • Abyss of Bliss


    This MP3 was recorded in a professional studio for awesome sound quality and effects. Its a 24 minute recording that will pull you down very quickly. It brings out all your submissive needs to serve and love your Princess… Fall into My Abyss of Bliss!

  • Amazon Princess


    This is the 3rd MP3 in the Hero/Villain series. 33 minutes of erotic hypnosis that will take you to Paradise Island home of the Amazon Warrior Women and Wonder Woman’s family. I use progressive relaxation to take you into a deep trance then let you experience Me as your Warrior Princess!

  • Become One with Me


    33 minute erotic hypnosis MP3. This is a soft Domination MP3 in which My will will become yours, My thoughts will be your thoughts.

  • BFF


    This is a 24 minute erotic hypnosis file that will make you My slave, My lover and My best friend forever.

  • Brain Drain


    This is a 24 minute erotic hypnosis MP3. This session has a strong induction followed by a trigger that is planted deeply into your empty drained brain. No subliminals are on this file but it has reverb and the tic toc.

  • Brainwashed


    A 34 minute soft domination brainwashing hypnosis MP3.

  • Branded


  • Breathless


  • Couples Hypnosis


    This is a 26 minute sensual erotic hypnosis MP3 made to be shared with your lover. This MP3 is designed to arouse and ignite the passion in both of you. If you have ever wanted to share a sensual hypnotic experience with your loved one, this is the MP3 for you. Soft, sexy, sensual, passionate love making is the result of this MP3

  • Dazed and Confused


    This 43 minute erotic hypnosis file will leave you dazed and confused. After confusing you into trance I will take away all your senses till you have nothing left but My voice. I will tease till you are ready to pop.

  • Drift Away and Submit


    A 29 minute soft domination hypnosis MP3.

  • Falling


    This is an 18 minute sensual session that will make you fall in love even more deeply that you ever thought you could.

  • Fantasy Story


  • Flashed into Trance


    31 minute erotic hypnosis MP3. My Pretty Flashing Lights will make you fall deeply under My power and control.

  • Forever More


  • Give Me Everything


    This is an 8 minute financial domination MP3. Listen and then Give Princess Everything!

  • Goddess Angel Muse


    A 33 minute soft domination hypnosis MP3

  • Happiness


  • Heat Wave


    This is a 24 minute erotic Hypnosis MP3. This file will melt your brain and leave you open and obediant. Recorded in a studio for higher sound quality.

  • Hooked


    This is a sexy erotic Hypnosis session that will leave you hooked like a fish on a line. Hooked on Me, hooked on My voice and hooked on the way I make you feel.

  • Hush


    This is a very soft sexy 22 minute erotic hypnosis MP3. I will drain all your strength in this MP3 leaving you helpless!