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  • Pod People


    This file is 22 minutes long. Strong mind control and conditioning. Based on the old movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Sexy and controlling.

  • Princess Wins


  • Red


  • Relax and Accept


    This erotic hypnosis file will take you deeper than you can imagine. 25 minutes of relaxation. I will have you accepting My ever command.

  • Steal your Mind


    This is a 21 minute erotic hypnosis file. This is the first mp3 in a new series. Each session is going to focus on me in the role of a different character. This session was inspired by the character of Cat woman, a favorite of mine. And probably a favorite of yours, too. The thing I always loved about Cat woman is that she takes whatever she wants, and nobody can stop her,Just like me.

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  • The Enchantress


    This is a 24 minute erotic hypnosis session, that is both haunting and beautiful. I will leave you weak and breathlessly in love with Me. The effects will be immediate and long lasting. Listening to this one will make you Mine forever.

  • Total Freedom


    This is a 20 minute recording that will bring you the sweet release of knowing Total Freedom as you worship at the foot of My throne!

  • Trigger Virus