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Romantic Addiction

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  • Hypnotic Rope


  • Hypnotized & Paralyzed


    This is file is 30 minutes long and very intense. If you have ever wanted to lose control of not only your mind but body as well, this is the file you can’t do without. I will take over and leave you not only Hypnotized but Paralyzed as well! Try to resist after hearing this sample.

  • Hypnotized Kidnapped Slave


    This is a 37 minute erotic hypnosis MP3. During this session you will be relaxed, hypnotized, drugged, kidnapped and brainwashed. I will make you My helpless hypnotized kidnapped slave.

  • I’m Watching you


    New MP3 I’m Watching you is 29 minutes long and very sexy. Have you ever fantasized about Me watching you? Well in this MP3 you will have your fantasy granted because I will guide you into a deep trance while watching you. I will reach into your mind and take over making you feel more pleasure than you ever imagined, yet forcing you into submission.

  • Infinite Submission


    This is a soft domination MP3 in which you will be held captive. I will drug you and hypnotize you into infinite submission. This is part 2 of Hypnotized Kidnapped slave but is also a stand alone file.

  • Intense Brainwashing


    This is a 45 minute intense brainwasing session. That will drive you crazy. If you are not ready to lose you mind to Me then this is not for you. This MP3 has 51 tracks of suggestions that are designed to break down your will and completely enslave you to Me.

  • It’s NOT your fault


    This is the most powerful eye opening MP3 I have released so far. When you listen to this 24 minute file you will realize that it is not your fault you submit and surrender. Its not your fault you have become completely owned. Its just not your fault!

  • It’s Time


    This is 24 minutes of erotic Hypnosis. This MP3 will leave you so head over heels, you will want to spend your time loving and obeying Me. It’s time for you to obey Princess.

  • Kiss of the Succubus


    This MP3 is about 33 minutes long. Its a sexy hypnotic trance where you get to live out the sexy seductive story about the most beautiful creature in the world. Experience the Kiss of the Succubus! Recorded in a professional studio for high quality sound.

  • Lesbianized


  • Lollipop Mind Sucker


    A 24 minute soft domination hypnosis MP3

  • Lose your Mind


    A 27 minute soft domination hypnosis MP3

  • Love Sick


    This is a 22 minute sexy erotic hypnosis file. After listening to this sexy MP3 you will be helpless because you will be Love Sick for Me.

  • Malleable Mind


    This MP3 is a little over 39 minutes long. The sound of the ocean in the background will relax your mind. This MP3 Malleable Mind will mold you shape you and remake you into something that pleases Me.

  • Mind Cuts


    This is a 26 minute sexy, sensual, erotic MP3. My words are like blades that cut away at your mind leaving you completely in love with Me!

  • Mind Rogue


    This is the second in My series of Heroes and Villains. This file is based on the character of Rogue from the X-Men series. I play the part of Rogue and sugar I will own you with one touch! The file is 20 minutes of pure blissful trance.

  • More, more, more


    This is a 32 minute erotic hypnosis recording. More, More, More will leave you wanting to be more submissive, more obedient, more in love and wanting more, more, more. My sweet soft sexy voice will make you so weak you will accept that your place is at My feet serving Me!

  • My Collar Now


    A 35 minute soft domination hypnosis MP3.

  • My Hypnotic Eyes


    21 minute soft domination MP3. My eyes will take total control. They will hypnotize and own you.

  • Obey


    I have released a new MP3 featuring Myself and Shelle. its a 35 minute soft domination trance that will make you obey. At the end of this MP3 you will not be allowed release until you are ready to OBEY! The MP3 has subliminals and reverb. I think you will enjoy how Shelle tends to bring out My southern accent from time to time.

  • Obey My Eyes and Ass


    This is a 21 minute soft domination MP3 that will addict you to Me. This MP3 will addict you to My eyes and ass.

  • Opposites Attract


    This is 28 minutes of Hypnotic Bliss! In this file you will be completely helpless to resist My hypnotic pull on you. I know you will find yourself feeling dazed and drawn to Me! Erotic and Powerful are the two words that best describe this file!